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The robotics workshop my kids attended was fantastic. The instructors were engaging and created a safe and fun learning environment. My kids gained hands-on experience with various robotics platforms and learned about programming and engineering concepts. The emphasis on collaboration and teamwork was excellent, and my kids developed valuable social and problem-solving skills. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop for any young robotics enthusiasts.

I recently attended a robotics workshop for B.Tech students, and it was an incredible experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate, providing excellent guidance throughout the event. We gained hands-on experience with a variety of robotics platforms, which was both exciting and informative. The emphasis on collaboration and problem-solving skills was valuable, and I left the workshop feeling more confident in my abilities. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop to any B.Tech student interested in robotics.

The robotics workshop I attended was an outstanding experience. The instructors were knowledgeable, passionate and provided great guidance throughout the event. I was impressed by the range of robotics platforms we worked with and the hands-on experience we gained. The workshop emphasized collaboration and teamwork, making the learning process fun and interactive. Overall, I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in robotics, regardless of experience level.